What Limitations Event Branding

  • Art Direction
  • Type Design
  • Visual Design

What Limitations was the first in a series of one-night art events to benefit Creativity Explored, a non-profit art studio that helps artists with developmental disabilities create and sell their work.

I lead the identity creation process and delivered print collateral, digital collateral, marketing emails, and a folding guide that served as a one-of-a-kind take-away for the first 50 attendees.

This project was a collaborative effort with Brit Epperson of Studio Plow for Herman Miller & Creativity Explored.

Final Folding Guide


I made some initial mock-ups to see how the folding guide would work and to be absolutely sure I was using the correct page layout in the construction of the guide. It also helped when pitching the idea, as I had something physical to show and describe.

A Little Something Extra

For something special for the first 50 attendees, each person received a folding guide with a one-of-a-kind giclee art print by a Creativity Explored artist.

The giclee print fit nicely within the guide so when the last panel was unfolded, an art piece was there to greet them!

Other Collateral Produced For The Event

Invitations & Posters

Save-the-Date Social and Email Graphics

Visual Identity Snapshots