Lederer Design is a small Design Studio based out of San Francisco specializing in brand identities and graphic design.


* 2022 NEW WORK *

Flux Ceramics Branding

Logo and branding for a small ceramics business based out of Kauai, HI.

Logo DesignBrand System

Discover Art Logo Design

Brand mark for Creativity Explored's annual art walk event.

Logo DesignBrand Design


Tempe Typeface Design

A display typeface designed from chisel-edged sharpie notes.

Typeface Design

Playground Games

Brand identity design that reflected an angsty start-up mentality.

Brand Design


Logos & Marks

Bay Area Stands

A poster series on the BLM protests in San Francisco.

Collage Art


2016 - 2020

Projects for CRI

This is a collection of presentations, graphics, and marketing collateral done for CRI.

Graphic DesignVisual DesignMotion Design

What Limitations Event Branding

The branding system for a one-night art event benefitting Creativity Explored.


Graphic DesignIdentity Design